London Bridge is Falling Down

Just another “incident” in the west, as three radical Muslims went on Jihad by stabbing for Allah on London Bridge after driving into the crowd. If you are on the right, you probably are more likely to say “I told you so” to the liberal left, who are, once again, would blame the West for radicalizing the terrorists. Unfortunately, there is truth to both sides and even to Muslims. And both the right and the left have the religion of equality which is causing and justifies these attacks.

Let us compare Jihad to the liberal dogma. There is lesser and greater Jihad, which an obeying Muslim should take to clean himself of earthly sin and become closer with Allah, the absolute good, opposite to human and earth, the absolute sin.

Greater inner Jihad:

A Muslim takes on to achieve spiritual freedom opposed to the human nature (Absolute Evil), which is a way to understand God (Absolute Good). However, this idea taken from Islam Scholar’s book, The History of Baghdad (not from Qur’an) seems to be contradictory to the Qur’an itself. Qur’an values the Lesser Jihad as a better way to strife for the Absolute Good than sitting at home and fighting against oneself (Greater Jihad) because the fight against someone’s nature is part of the fight against unbelievers.

“Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward” – Qur’an 4:95.

It seems, that the value of life for a Muslim is one’s value in the face of Allah (Absolute Good), and can be measured by how close has one come to understand that absolute, and therefore, those who don’t even have a strife toward their absolute (“kafirs”) have no value for a Muslim.

On the other hand, a Liberal takes on to “check his privilege” opposed to being a part of systematic oppression (Absolute Evil), by understanding the progressive discourse and deconstruction of culture (Absolute Good). The discourse deals with understanding how power by culture produces inequality and how one can be complicit in the “systems of oppression”. The fight of a liberal is against perceived “power structures”, which are in the end of the day are within oneself. Have you seen liberals “acknowledging their privilege”? On the most basic level it means dulling oneself’s faculty to dominate and produce inequality (Absolute Evil).

One’s value of life is measured within them taking bigger part in the deconstruction of our culture and being lesser complicit in the power-system. Those, who are complicit (racist, sexist homophobes) do not strife for equality, and have no value for a liberal.

Well, you can see that both dogmas have the fight against human nature, be it valuing pleasure of godless life or pleasure of life in inequality and inequity. The important note: moderate Muslims always interpret Jihad as “Greater Jihad” to say: “No, no, Islam is peaceful and about loving and sharing, it’s about inner ‘connection’ to Allah, and these radicals have nothing to do with real Islam”.

Lesser outer Jihad:

A lot of westerners keep asking why do radicalized Muslims not value life as much as us. How can they not see the “right to exist” of “kafirs” while they stab and impale citizens of the west. They see that kafirs don’t strife for absolutes, they are earth dwellers, materialists, unsure herd. Or even worse, they strive to take down your absolutes, your God, demoralize your attempt to stop “suffering” and ground you in the hell on earth (and there is unanimous agreement that earth is an endless slaughterhouse – Hell). The vast majority of Muslims: 1) do not believe in Greater inner Jihad, especially as separate from the Lesser outer Jihad, because as mentioned above, Greater Jihad “at home” has no value to Allah; 2) The fight against the kafirs on the battlefield is also a fight against oneself’s nature, the nature of the unbeliever, who only wants to suffer and die on Earth.

Sounds familiar? If you ever talked to a liberal, it is almost the same as talking to a preacher in a church. Are you rich? It means you sinned with greed. Are you in love? It means you don’t value women’s rights, you want to oppress her by marriage, you sinned with sexism. You want your kids to succeed? Well, you produce inequality by producing your children’s privilege, that’s a sin too. And so on.

The liberal version of Allah is equity on Earth. Equity Akbar!

Liberal vision places white males’ propensity to oppress everyone and everything by “logic” as the source of the same Absolute Evil of grounding the value of their life in “everything that produces inequity”, that explains why liberals are hand in hand with Muslims in their strife to destroy the West (the product of that “logic”), to take down the perceived oppression. However, the fatal mistake of that unholy alliance is that the other dogmatist does not believe in equity, nor do Muslims believe in life as a mere outcome of chances. It is not about creationism at all. It is a western concept in the basis of liberalism that being born male or female, white or black, strait or gay is a mere random spark, as if you could have been born anybody and be a “consciousness trapped in somebody else’s body”. Therefore, this strife against oppression is perceived as liberation of the consciousness form “random” barriers, to alleviate oneself above the nature by fighting against those, who act according to their barriers (usually, as white, male and straight). But nobody else (except conservatives, who are believers in equality and not in equity) in the world believes in randomness of one’s life, in trapping consciousness.

Muslims and other non-westerners believe in neither equality nor in equity. They do not believe that someone’s existence is an outcome of chances, but as a result of either other people’s actions or of hidden actions of God. Therefore, if you are a pious Muslim man, you path to fight against kafirs and to become closer to heavens is completely different from a fight a pious Muslim woman should take. The same was and is true anywhere else other than the West, and nowhere else do people want either equality or equity. On the contrary, they want alleviation above Earth by fighting those, who believe in progressivism, equality and equity, because these are “false Gods”.

But why do liberals not see the existential threat to both their life and their beliefs? So far, it seems that Gods of equity and equality have produced their own theology, their own zealots and their own heretics. The problem of the liberal theology and the West in general is not Muslims, but the zealotry and theological pathology to blame heretics for the failures of their dogma. If the heaven of equity is not constructed, we blame racism, sexism, government, nepotism, Satan and other supernatural bodies, as long as we can reassure ourselves that our God of equity and equality is still worthy. So we pat each other on the backs as the West (with all its peoples and cultures) falls faster and faster into its grave.

The whole West behaves like a suicide bomber, and all of us are complicit whether we want this or not. Ultimately, no westerner should apologize for liberal zealots and justify their actions by either stupidity or blindness. The heads of the cults on both sides know what they are doing, and we either reject Gods to stop being heretics, or convert to Islam to fight the reason for the West’s demise.