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YouTube is a very popular platform to share the whole variety of different opinions in our post-truth era, as mass media now is well-known for its’ liberal biases. Throughout the history news outlets were very often used as tools for government’s propaganda so generally media is expected to misrepresent some facts or manipulate them in order to create a beneficial discourse. But there’s hope in people. In the United States the public always treated mass media with a fair amount of skepticism. According to GALLUP, at the beginning of this century only half of the main stream media’s audience fully trusted their reports. Also, the poll shows that trust in mass media was in constant decrease since George W. Bush was elected president for his second term.

A decade ago Facebook, YouTube and Twitter started providing people with the best platforms for free expression. That created the connection between content creators and large swaps of users, which wouldn’t have been available otherwise; people were able to speak for themselves to huge audiences exchanging news and views, especially on politics and culture, without the MSM-grinder. Plus, taking into consideration the fact that YouTube coordinates with advertisers, becoming a content creator or simply speaking one’s mind on camera appeared to be rather profitable. As YouTube provides monetization of content i.e. more views – more money, some talented people took this opportunity to become full-time independent researchers and news commentators: they dedicated a huge amount of time to collect the information, analyze it and present reason and evidence. And the demand for truth is always enormous. Almost recently, alternative media and independent journalists started to dominate the news-reporting and commentary with a higher quality of investigating and reporting, outcompeting the good old main stream media while they were buried under 6-feet of propaganda lies. 2016 presidential elections, Brexit, refugee crisis, increased irritation by social justice and political correctness made people to crave for truth, facts and sanity and, fortunately, youtubers were able to provide the public with quality content.

There’s a crucial issue on the table right now. What is going on with YouTube?

More and more content creators, especially those who express unpopular opinion on politics and culture, lose their subscribers, videos and even channels. More people, who fully dedicate their time to epistemology get driven out from the platform. YouTube significantly changes it’s business strategy and it wants skeptics, critics and conservatives gone: YT Heroes program in a compartment with content guidelines going full SJW, then age restriction mode and finally the last straw in form of cuts on ad revenue force creators to dedicate less and less time to YouTube as it can no longer be considered as a full-time stable job.

Concerned people on social media suggest that pressure comes at them from the left-wing media. The Young Turks, for example, is on YouTube for a long time; they have multiple channels with a very large amount of subscribers, more than 4 million all together, but looking at the number of views and the amount of criticism towards their news pundits… they are not doing well. Maybe that’s why videos that criticize this channel just got massively demonetized.

Here are some tweets to support words with proof:

Look at the videos’ titles which were demonetized. Who is under fire and why?

Main steam media completely lost all credibility as they still can’t cure themselves from Trump derangement syndrome; their audience is shrinking drastically, they are desperate in efforts to stay alive so they hope to gain views and get money from the popular platform… but… with their ideologically driven news coverage they can not compete with independent media and “guys in their apartments” who beat them in audience and credence.  Progressives sleep and see censorship for apostates, taking away freedom of expression in social media; Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube echoing the hysteria, jumped on the bandwagon of extreme PC, suspending infidel creators and conservatives from speaking about their political views on their platforms, and not to talk about making profit from controversial content.

That means that many problems will not be discussed, clarified or debunked. The skeptic community simply cannot make that happen. As strong supporters of the first amendment we need to secure the existence of whole variety of opinions, no matter where they are on the political spectrum. That’s why content creators right now throw a call to unity and support of each other which is addressed both to other fellow youtubers and their audience.

As the things are now, it’s crucial to unite in support of our favorite youtubers who are daily on a war with MSM and the authoritarian ideology against freedom of speech and creative freedoms. It is important for me, my family and the future generation.  Thus, I would like to promote content creators, channels, alternative media, cool guys and girls whom I personally follow for a long time; I very appreciate their input in the battle for alternative views and, by all means, would like them to continue the work. Please, check out their content, if you like their work please subscribe for their channels, support them on Patreon, give a shout-out on social media or recommend to your friends.

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